Did you know that there almost 250 open access article processing charge (APC) funds available to researchers worldwide?At Bio Med Central, we offer a free advice service to help our authors to discover and apply for funding.Since the XVI century, people admired powerful women performing stunts with weights in fairs and markets.

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Famous Miss Lala (or La La) performed strength acrobatic and trapeze acts throughout Europe in circuses, music halls, in the troupe called "Follies Bergere" (Mad Shepherds) between 1860s and late 1880s.

She was also known as Olga, "Olga the Mulatto", "Olga the Negress", "The Cannon Woman" and "The African Princess".

In this blog, Poppy Lakeman Fraser, Senior Programme Coordinator for the Open Air Laboratories (OPAL) initiative, explains what citizen science actually is and how researchers rely on this form of data collection.

AT&T has started trials to deliver high-speed internet over power lines. Reuters reports: AT&T aims to eventually deliver speeds faster than the 1 gigabit per second consumers can currently get through fiber internet service using high-frequency airwaves that travel along power lines.

The company announced the news on Wednesday and said that trials have started in Georgia state and a non-U. While the Georgia trial is in a rural area, the service could potentially be deployed in suburbs and cities, the company said in a statement.

AT&T said it had no timeline for commercial deployment and that it would look to expand trials as it develops the technology.

However, the opposite attitude was toward strongwomen. Laverie Vallee nee Cooper (18751949), best known by her stage name Charmion, was an American vaudeville trapeze artist and strongwoman.

Some of the most famous strongwomens names have remained over the course of the time. Charmion built her act around a memorable routine which opened with her on-stage entrance dressed in full Victorian street attire.

Unfortunately, not all clinical trials are registered before they start.