In three years, Kitten has not only grown into a sexual masochist eager to fulfill her Masters dreams, she actively searches for new ideas. His latest assignment is one of Vladimir Putins trusted aids.

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Shed lured men to her bed all her life; becoming a vampire just made it more fun.

But she wasnt the only one with an agenda in the room.

Little do they know what surprise waits for them at the end of their sadomasochistic game.

Ashley is a tit boxing powerhouse willing to do anything to satisfy her and her masters lusts for beaten, bouncing boobs.

The question is, do the bucks being hunted have just as much fun being usedand is there a better time in store for the one with the trophy rack?

Theyre the perfect couple, with her sadistic desires the ideal match for his love of CBT.

This time, the womens enjoyment is more vocal than usual, their desire to submit to his cruelty more extreme.

Little does he know, there is more to their submissiveness than meets the eye, and more to their orgasms than it seems.

Theyre a young married couple looking for kinky sexual adventure. But it doesnt take long for everyone to learn just how hard he really likes it, or how much better things get once the safewords gone. They find the right guy for the job online and sign their contract over a light flogging and hard sex that leaves Jess well-used.

Theyre a young married couple looking for kinky sexual adventure. But none of them can foresee just how hard Jessica really likes it, or how much better they think her beautiful breasts and bottom look in subtle shades of bruised.

When headaches start shutting him down, a weekend outdoors seems to be just the thing.