Nerds in general are genetically programmed to be genius at some things while not so good at others.

Sometimes the key to a great pick-up line is not in the words, but in the delivery.

Inspiration: Sandy leading Danny through the funhouse circa 1950.

After dropping your chemistry fuelled pick-up line, simply sit back and wait for him to walk over to continue the conversation.

Top tip: don’t stray too far, you want him to find you again!

Have you struck out with every woman whom you have made advances towards?

Are you tired of being "friend-zoned" by women who haven't ever expressed interest towards you?

Are you alone for the 10th Valentine's Day in a row?

Do you fear living in your mother's basement well into your thirties?

He’ll quickly catch on what’s happening and won’t believe his luck.

Highlight: The smile across his face when he realises you were putting on the damsel routine to give him your number.

” This pick-up line plays on the classic goal to swap digits.