military men looking for laptops or other stuff will attempt to get money out of people. Also, make sure all input devices are properly attached.Needless to say I did not give in and he hung up Reply Tracy Hall on December 12, 2017 at pm I was contact on facebook by a guy named Jerry Kaye.

Check all cables to make sure they are securely and properly connected.

You may need to retune your TV from time to time to receive new channels or due to engineering work at transmitters.

0 | reply share hide replies ∧guesterin4 years 5 months agoto the friend that wrote the letter, i think you should concern yourself less with what *you* personally think is in and out of her league physically and maybe help her more with the emotional aspects of dating.

Online dating scammers will go after anyone, male or female.

I asked Jerry Kaye if he was married and has children and he said no that he has never been married and has no children.

I belong to a meet up group and this really good looking guy e mails me saying he like my profile.

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