A less obvious crime, but still destructive, is gushing over certain traits or strengths that a friend has, but your spouse lacks.This not only hurts your honey, but also makes you vulnerable to jealousy, lust and covetousness (Matthew ; Exodus ).

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"One change that Jenkins points out is the "new openness" between the sexes.

For example, today’s Christians "touch more, speak more intimately, [and] are closer to one another." It’s a change that can be both dandy and dangerous.

After all, when you said "I do," you also said "I don’t" to everyone else. She’s a bubbly woman with witticisms to spare who married Peter*, a handsome, spiritual, but not-so-slap-stick man.

Early in marriage, Ally laughed till she cried at single-man Jerry’s jokes during their group Bible study.

David Henningsen: Do many of these motivations seem self-serving?

Flipping the flattery goal to serve your spouse rather than yourself fixes that!

So to protect you and your marriage, couple a healthy dose of fear and faithfulness with these six tips: one!

In fact, researcher Brandi Frisby found that amorous quips between spouses might just tip the balance for whether a marriage will go the distance.

Is the high note of your Sunday mornings a flirty exchange of musical puns with the worship leader?