NB: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

you click on the RESOURCES tab at the top you will see the following categories:- (click on DOWNLOAD NOW button to instantly download to your computer)Clip Art: Animals; Schedule; Food & Drink; Emotions; Clothing; Vehicle; Body Parts; Places; and Toilet Training.

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E-books: ABA at home guide for parents Puzzles: Word Searches; Games; Colouring; Printable Animal Masks.

Activities: Colouring In; Alphabet Activities; Food & Drink; Matching Activity; Maths; Geography; Fine Motor Skills; Printable Animal Masks; Toilet training. English visual images available for free from E-Learning:-

Stories - Nursery Rhymes; Film Reviews; CM (Communication Matters) Stories; Stories; and Older Readers. You will have to browse through the selection available as you will no doubt see pictures of muscles, but then you will see ones on the Picture Exchange Communication System.

Here's some interesting piccies from Special Education Technology in British Columbia (Canada).

I originally found this site because it had lovely free printable photo cards of animals.

The Behaviour Charts and Emotions/face reading work/expressions look like they would be very handy tools. You might need 'Flash Player 7' or better to view/print their resources.They have downloadable visual supports that aren't too bad.Picture SET categories are:-Young Adults School Sample Communication Systems Home Season and Holidays Community An image vocabulary for children about feelings, rights and safety, personal care and sexuality available from 'How it is'.Multiplication Reading Alphabet Vocabulary Subtraction Addition And if you go back one screen, you get their Back to School Template Collections where even much more 'stuff' is available. from the Maze (UK):- Board Minutes20September2005At the top, above the pink banner, click on SYMBOLS and choose a symbols group.You will see lots of plain black on white PECS that you can print out...Speaking of Speech - Life Skills Materials might like their free visual aid items such as:-Grooming Choices Board Personal Info Sheet Behaviour Chart for Home & School Eye Contact Facts Toothbrushing Guide Sign Bingo Calendar Time ....