Anyway, I get off on mens' pleasure, so I watch gangbang porn, because it's a lot of guys having a lot of pleasure based off of one woman. At least if he was jerkin it to photos of me or videos of me or ME in person, it would be hot.

It looks like a very validating experience, actually, and is a fantasy of mine. And it'd make me so wet and horny and ready for SEX.

If I see a good-looking guy on the sidewalk I will definitely think, "yeah, I would totally do that guy," and I would, but I am very conscientious about protection and that sort of thing. Your viewpoint matters to a LOT of men who enjoy porn and have to somehow explain that to their significant others without starting world war III.

But as far as I'm concerned, there's nothing wrong with otherwise well-adjusted men casually consuming porn while masturbating. Either way it still takes two to tango, pretty sure nature has it balanced, despite religious regulation.

I think it depends on what kind of porn a man watches.

I do think, however, that when you start introducing other things into the mix, like animals, we may have a problem.

I used to believe pornography harmed relationships, but then I observed a man watching porn, and all it did was reinforce his desire to not only be with a woman physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

According to , the pornography trade magazine, 71 percent of X-rated media is viewed by men alone, 19 percent by heterosexual couples, 7 percent by gay male couples, and 2 percent by women (by themselves or lesbian couples). Why expend the energy when porn provides all the fantasies you could ever want?

They felt traumatized and confused, and couldn't understand why their lovers would spend time this way.

Some women whose posts the Illinois researchers collected had spouses who viewed pornography daily for hours, refusing real sex, and sometimes losing their jobs.

When anything sexual interferes with one's ability to work and love, that's not healthy. "The Significance of Heavy Pornography Involvement for Romantic Partners: Research and Clinical Implications," I enjoy watching and masturbating to porn, sometimes by myself and sometimes with my lovers.

There's also a man's fear that other men will be with his woman, because it's just true that men constantly think about sex. Where would our species be without men constantly seeking to be with women, to make relationships work? I disagree that women are turned on by touch, not by what they see.