Users may also buy individual Chat Room Slots to set up public rooms.Public (Listed): The room is visible to everyone, and anyone can join.

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Closed: The room is neither visible and cannot be joined (even by the owner).

Various ways to control access to your room are available depending on your own account status (VIP, AP, Age verified etc).

Some chat rooms / forums are moderated and this means that an adult is watching what is being said to make sure no one is being nasty.

They can delete messages and also ban people from leaving messages if they are upsetting.

Accounts set up after January 2014 do not have access to this section.

Themed Rooms features a few select rooms that showcase variety of ways users can enjoy IMVU. If you would like your room to be listed in that section, you can submit it for IMVU's review.

The room creation process will provide tips at every step of the process.

IMVU's exclusive VIP club members can create up to 10 chat rooms.

VIPs can set their rooms so that only their friends or other VIPs can enter their room.