PATCH PAK # 1™ de-glitches and upgrades TRSDOS for 40- and 77-track operation. Whether you need a single, 40- track TFD-1 00™ add-on or a three-drive add-on with 77-track TFD-200 ™s, you get more data storage for less money from Percom. And the TFD-200™ drives provide 197K bytes of on-line storage per drive — 1 97K, 394K and 591 K bytes for one-, two and three-drive systems. {he Electric Crayon™ to map your computer memory onto your color TV screen — for games, animated shows, business displays, graphs, etc. m TFD-100, TFD-200, PATCH PAK and Electric Crayon are trademarks of PERCOM DATA COMPANY. For detailed Technical infor- mation call (214) 272-3421. NTRTi C DATA SYSTEMS SUPRBRAIN ii f i j i i I The Honor Graduate There's been a lot of talk lately about intelligent terminals with small systems capability. The systems which make the grade in perfor- mance usually flunk the test in price. • Systems include Percom PATCH PAK #1™, on disk, at no extra charge. • Enclosures are finished in system- compatible "Tandy-silver" enamel. 75042 To order add-on mini-disk storage for your TRS-80* , or request additional literature, call Percoms toll-free number: 1-800-527-1592.

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The reason you get more for less from Percom is simple. Selling disk systems and other peripherals is our main business — the reason you get more engineering, more reliability and more back up support for less money. Standard features in- clude: two dual-density mini-flop- pies with 320K bytes of disk storage, 64K of RAM to handle even the most sophisticated programs, a CP/M Disk Operating System with a high- powered text editor, assembler and *Quantity one. More than an intelligent terminal, the Super Brain outperforms many other systems costing three to five times as much. A full ASCII keyboard with a numeric key- pad and function keys.

Endowed with a hefty amount of available software (BASIC, FORTRAN, COBOL), the Super Brain is ready to take on your toughest assignment. General Ledger, Accounts Receiv- able, Payroll, Inventory or Word Pro- cessing . A non-glare, dynamically focused, twelve inch screen.

We'll be running another show next year, probably in Munich.

Traveling in Europe is expen- sive these days, as I found in my recent visit.

• One-, two- and three-drive systems im- mediately available.

• Choose either 40-track TFD-100™ drives or 77-track TFD-200™ drives.The main purpose of the trip was to lay the ground- work for distribution of Instant Software in Europe, plus boost the circulation of Microcom- puting.The trip this year was quite a different matter from the one I made 20 years ago when I first started visiting Europe.Program translations are sim- ple, requiring changes in the print statements. Mary Beth Stanek Circulation Pauline Johnstone Computer Programming Richard Dykema Instant Software Micro Lab William F. Bill York Marcia Stone Bill Hogan Nancy Ciampa Gaye Halbig Lori Mugford Rita Rivard V.The operating in- Sherry Smythe structions are a bit more com- plicated, but not much. 5 /MICRO INFO [jj This symbol next to a title in •*■ the table of contents indi- cates that the article is a business- application article. NDCOH 2C 1t 3 TRENDCOH NDCOM ZOO TRENDCOH NDCOH 20 l 3 TRENDCOH ■NDCOH 200 TRENDCOH [NDCOH 200 TRENDCOH NDCOH 200 T RENDCOH ■i OCOri 200 TRENDCOH ll DCOH 200 TEEM 200 TRENDCOH 200 TRENDCOH 200 TRENDCOH 200 TRENDCOH 200 TRENDCOH 200 TRENDCOH 200 TRE ^M 20} 200 209 ** TRENDCOH 2O0 ** TRENDCOH 200 ** TRENDCOH ** TRENDCOH ** TRENDCOH ** TRENDCOH * TRENDCOH ** TRENDCOH -* TRENDCOH «-*• TRENDCOM RENDC" RENr TRENDCOH 100 TRENDCOH 109 TRENDCOH 100 TRENDCOH MB TRENDCOH 100 TRENDCOH 100 TRENDCOH 100 TRENDCOH 100 TRENDCOH 100 TRENDCOH 1001 TRENDCOH 100 TRENDCOH \m TRE^I^LIOO TRENDCOH 10H EH DCQH 10 **§S r * %&. Schwartz 38 Teleprinter Output for TRS-80 David G Morr 44 Murphy's Laws and other observations Terry Kepner 46 Thoughts on the SWTP Computer System Peter a stark 52 MUSKBD Terr v Perdue 56 E-x-t-e-n-d Your Micro Robert L Leffert 58 The BASIC BASIC Renumberer Adrian R.