alice quickly ducked into one of the other booths, watching through the crack as they straightened their crumpled clothes as best they could and left. " she cried, dropping to her knees and grabbing his swiftly hardening cock.Alice emerged from the washroom, went straight for albert at their table, paid the bill without a word, and practically dragged him out to their car. "If you don't take me home right now and fuck me like an animal, i will kill you." she whispered savagely between her kisses. they drove home in silence, him taking every chance to shorten their journey, whilst she sat with her hands clutching the seat rests, trying to restrain herself. she engulfed it in moments, moaning as she felt it reach its full stature inside her mouth.

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they moved to one that served human-herbivore food and drink, and ordered.

he had a salad and a side order of dipping corn-sticks. as they ate, they watched the dancers writhe and gyrate.

sweat was dripping from their faces and they were panting as they fucked furiously.

the man dug his nails into her thighs and grunted several times, humping her hard as he pumped his semen into her.

she swallowed desperately, trying to stay ahead of the torrential flow. " she howled, gurgling as his cum bubbled past her stretched lips.

she failed, but didn't care as she pulled her face away with a desperate gasp, cum spraying everywhere. he roared and shook like a tree in a hurricane, his cock spraying like a firehose. " she chanted, her head tossing wildly, her slender form wracked by incredible pleasure.

'get a hold on yourself woman,' she thought to herself. before the Change he had been a champion racehorse put out to stud. she adored kissing that white spot and he often joked that the sherlock holmes story "silver blaze" was written about his grandfather.

'there'll be time for that later.' 'not too much later,' she mused. he was still a stud, she grinned, but he didn't service mares anymore. 'the fact that he's hung like a fencepost doesn't hurt either.' she thought with a grin. "i've got time before he comes." she stripped down quickly, and almost ran to the dresser. she was no shorty, standing just over six feet herself, but she still just reached his chin.

this was a game they played, trying to keep him on the edge as long as she could, until he became a raging beast in the bedroom.