An extension to our list of small requests, as it were.It's cold here, so we figured the trip would do us good (even though it was virtual).

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In September 2015, it was announced that the show's final day of performance would be January 10, 2016. Go Now, Into the Cave/Gold Reveal/Cave Collapse () 10.

The show was then closed on January 11, and was replaced by a musical stage show inspired by Disney's 2013 animated film Frozen, which premiered in May 2016. Many of the scenes and songs from the movie are re-created on stage and some of the action spills out into the aisles, such as Prince Ali's arrival in Agrabah on elephant back.

Cellphone screens and flashlights just don't compare to wholesome, omnidirectional light.

And yes, it has actually become necessary to mention or reiterate these points ... While I don't deny that we're incredibly bright fellows, we prefer to work in adequately lit areas.

Buena Vista Records released an official soundtrack to the production in 2003.

This is an original cast recording, and includes almost every piece of music used in the show. Arabian Nights*/A Thousand Stories/Who Dares Approach () 2.

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The main cast on the recording is Miles Wesley (Aladdin), Deedee Magno (Jasmine), Nick Santa Maria (Genie), Lance Roberts (Jafar) and Jamila Ajibade (Narrator).