No matter from which part of the world you are from, we are your Metal community and bring you together with other Metal fans.Whether you are into Metal, Hardcore, Rock, Punk, or Gothic, we are an open scene and extend a warm welcome to all like-minded people.Lightsticks are a means to define the idol group's identity, especially in a concert with different groups performing. Our idols don't exactly have the best lyrics writers when it comes to English (I'm looking at you, SM).

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It might seem like a foreign world, because Kpop fans seem so much more INTENSE than other fandoms. If you have ever dated a hardcore Kpop fan, we're pretty sure that you've experienced all these things at least once before. Do we really need to collect every single album, including the repackaged versions? And when I say every album, I really do mean every. So that I can stare into their dreamy eyes whenever and wherever I want. Which means that whenever a Kpop group comes to town, tickets are in hot demand. *Screams internally*Time to start to calculating how many meals you need to skip get that Cat 1 ticket.

And whatever free gifts that come with it is gonna be limited edition too. Finding their bias' faces everywhere, on EVERY SINGLE OBJECT. And yeah, that name tag with Korean characters isn't really my name. If you don't know what bias means, it's a person's favorite member from a group.3.

We are gay owned and operated, made by gay men for gay men.

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With music as his most lethal weapon, Hardcore marvel Bodyshock has sparked complete turmoil as cities crumble and society turns to dust… Join the rebellion, and together we will ‘Riot & Rise’.

In amongst this major album, you can expect no less than raw storylines portrayed through a tasteful selection of high-energy collabs and new-fangled solos.

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Genau aus diesem Grund hat das Team von Siskinsoft in den letzten Tagen ordentlich gegoogelt, recherchiert und gestestet, damit wir euch nun endlich die absolute Nummer 1 für Erwachsenenunterhaltung mit echten Schwanzfrauen präsentieren können.