According to recent research at the National Institute on Drug Abuse, nicotine addiction caused by smoking produces long-lasting chemical changes in the brain similar to changes that take place when someone uses drugs like heroine or cocaine – more evidence of the addictive, destructive nature of nicotine.

It’s not too late to reverse the effects of smoking.

Not only that but you’ll experience immediate health benefits from being a nonsmoker – as quickly as 20 minutes after you quit.

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When you quit smoking: Because your skin and teeth will look better, you may start to look younger.

A study from the University of Zurich even found a correlation between gray hair and being a smoker – chemicals may damage cells in hair follicles or constrict the blood vessels that supply them.

National Institute on Drug Abuse – Educational resources, information and research for youth, parents, teachers, and providers about drugs, drug abuse, and drug abuse-related issues.

Nicotine Addiction – Addiction research and facts about the dangers of nicotine from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

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If you quit at around age 50, you reduce the risk of dying prematurely by 50% compared with those who continue to smoke.

Even those who quit at around age 60 or older live longer than those who continue to smoke.

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