Lip-to-lip with this shaved-Chewbacca of a man, you'd know the meaning of desire.

— 11) Woody Allen There must've been something awfully appealing about Woody Allen for him to pull babes like Diane Keaton and Mia Farrow.

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Ever notice that the man has a nonstop queue of alt-nubile tail parading through his bedchamber? On one hand, he's the MC who penned "Pickin' Boogers," he's so wide he can scratch vinyl with his waistline and his brainpan is the size of a small asteroid.

On the other, he's the sensitive soul who warbled "Just a Friend," kids love him (see his 14) Ric Ocasek The late '70s and early '80s were a golden age for unphotogenic frontmen.

It's a little exciting to be scared, isn't it?

For a taste of Dafoe's strange allure, forget his crazy/sexy Jesus in , H. Lovecraft described "the Innsmouth look," a mien you inherit if your pop was a horny deckhand and your mom was an immortal fish-monster.

The years since ; the fresh-faced Michigander who barked "TV Eye" now has the desiccated matte of a peat-bog mummy. He even does a sterling "oh-my-God-I'm-so-fucking-histrionic-because-I'm-surrounded-by-total-dross" (most of his lesser films). His imperviousness to good looks is, in turn, incredibly sexy. Fucking with Madonna is sexy enough, but this singular moment in time also reveals Courtney's magnetism.

But when it comes to sixty-two-year-olds who could still nail the shit out of you, the former Mr. Yeah, she's the girl your friends tell you not to go home with when you've had a few.

Daisy exists in a world of cognitive dissonance, which makes her the perfect choice for a list like this one.

—19) Danny Mc Bride Don't judge Danny Mc Bride.

Nothing like Madame Lepore exists in nature, so it's inevitable to think of her as a nigh-mythic creature, or some kind of freaky Plasticine wet dream. Not everyone can do it with this much poise, though, and when she's on stage, all the drug problems in the world pale in comparison.