Just like with Twitter, Instagram, and more, verified Tinder profiles now come with a blue checkmark next to it. One would think, but let us remember that honesty isn't always on the top of everyone's 'soulmate requirements' list.So go ahead, if you do happen to see Dave Franco pop up, swipe right. So to help keep these less-than-truthful users in check, Hinge now pulls one's relationship status (should it be listed) from their Facebook profile. The League: The League has officially launched in New York City!

The beautiful folks who fall into the All three apps are free.

Exorcist reveals the tell-tale differences between a person who is mentally ill and someone who is When single, Burbidge uses Ok Cupid to meet women.

I have a query here that I want to store the photo image and its history.

I ran into this "Must Declare the scalar variable" message when I am trying to use the @my Table again. DECLARE @my Table Table (ID INT, thumbnail varbinary(MAX)) INSERT INTO dbo.

Inspection_Photo_Thumbnail Select ID, Thumbnail From @my Table INSERT INTO dbo.

Inspection_Photo_Hist (PK_Photo, Row Guid, Hea_ID, Photo, Enter Date, Enter By, Mod Date, Mod By, Type) Values (@my Table.Inspection_photo (Hea_ID, Row Guid, Photo, Enter By, Enter Date) OUTPUT INSERTED.PK_PHOTO, @photo_thumbnail INTO @my Table(ID, thumbnail) VALUES (@hea_id, NEWID(), @photo, @enterby, @enterdate) INSERT INTO dbo.Hello, I Wrote the following measure first and it computed correctly but it took ~15 minutes and spiked bringing the whole computer to a halt.The date filters in both measures are just grabbing the current filter context "Reserve[Month]" and calculating a date range for the month 3 months prior.Even if everyone started using dating hacks tomorrow, "the Tom Bradys of the world would still be able to meet the Giseles IRL.