Every time we need a new page for the site, we can just base our new page on that template, and only modify the parts that are different for that new page.This is where Dreamweaver's template tools come into play.This tutorial shows you how to create a Dreamweaver template based on a page you have created and how you can apply your template to other pages in your site.

Then you can skip down to the next section, Define editable regions.

Editable regions are applied to various locations of your template to specify where content can be inserted.

Dreamweaver templates allow you to have a consistent look and feel on all the pages in your site.

Using a Dreamweaver template with your site allows you to easily modify and update all the pages in your site at once.

By the end of this chapter, you will have accomplished the following: Note that if you have not been following this tutorial series, you may find this chapter a bit bewildering, since the information and skills presented here are built upon things taught in the earlier parts.

If you're new to Dreamweaver CS4, you may find it easier to start with the first chapter.This makes the arduous task of changing the design of a site extremely simple, since Dreamweaver does all the tedious work.This chapter deals with how you can use that template system to manage your site.Whereas, the content area of your page should be different for each page, and would require an editable region.Bean Pole Fatty: 1 Year, 4 Months, 1 Week, 1 Day, 19 Hours, 2 Minutes ago Can you use repeating region in your dwt file if I was not using a dynamic website or is it just editable regions when use convert to a theme?When I refer to, say, the "Header" item later, simply look at the picture above and find the equivalent item on your web page.