White for his part wrote on his Facebook page Wednesday of his complete support of Maman.“I want to totally and utterly show my support for Steve Maman.Thousands of Yazidi women and children were sold as slaves and subject to rape, and their men were murdered en masse when ISIS overran the Yazidi heartland around Mount Sinjar in northwestern Iraq in August 2014.

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The negotiation portion of the process, however, has concluded.

In late August The Daily Beast was allowed to attend this session on condition certain names, locations, and transaction details not be revealed for security purposes.

ERBIL, Iraq — In a crowded room in an undisclosed location in northern Iraq, a Yazidi father is begging an American woman for money to buy back his daughters from the so-called Islamic State widely known as ISIS.

Via a translator, the man says he has been in contact with a broker—a middleman used as a go-between from ISIS to grieving Yazidi families—who for a high fee will return his children after they were taken and sold as slaves among the jihadis just over a year ago in the ISIS blitz of northern Iraq.

He appears pleased, and an agreement has been reached.

A fee has been agreed upon for now, but Beam says the actual retrieval of the girls will still have to be carried out by qualified CYCI personnel, and she’s not part of those operations.

The man is desperate and low on cash, and says he’s considered selling his truck to pay for the girls’ release.

In a haze of cigarette smoke and in between rounds of tea, the American, 66-year-old Amy Beam, tells him he shouldn’t sell his truck, but still needs to renegotiate with the broker.

I totally stand with him and for him he is my hero.”Because Maman maintains a distance from the actual negotiation process, he says he doubts that lawyers would be able to prove that funds from the organization made it into the hands of those considered terrorists.