Individual leaders of countries at war seem to make choices from a desire for personal satisfaction without considering the consequences to the community whom he shares the land with.And the land that endures the destruction is part of a planet.If two individuals of the entity are at odds with each other, that energy is felt in the group.

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Mindful connection with non-romantic people and groups gets neglected, as well as dealings with unfamiliar people.

It is time for humanity to wake up to their existence on this planet and be conscious of the effects their speaking and behavior has on the collective.

Imagine a soap bubble floating about the atmosphere. In the instant that you engage with another human being, your bubbles merge into one.

The membrane that surrounds you is fragile and at risk of being damaged by harsh words and actions.

Mother Earth is one large bubble orbiting in the Universe to sustain humanity’s existence.

We are all in relationship with Her, therefore a balanced harmonious planet is dependent on healthy relationships.

These practices in acute self-awareness lead to a new level of being with others.

As individuals experience this awakening, through these simple practices, there is no longer the need to abstain from being in relationships.

I'm not talking about completely rewiring your brain.