to talk about her dating life, which included questions about rumored new flame Nas."He's so dope [...] he's such a king," Minaj said. He's the king of Queens, and I'd like to think I'm the queen of Queens. Let me clarify, [I'm] just chilling right now, I'm celibate.

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“But no, let me clarify…didn’t do the…” Nicki said, implying they haven’t had sex.

The interview also involved Nicki creating a fake feud with Oprah so Ellen could understand how the rap game is played.

The lane in question proceeds through a series of forbidding gates and winds steeply up a dramatic hill before arriving at the main house—a modern pile with stucco walls and a steel pitched roof.

Given the approach, a visitor can be forgiven for expecting an armed reception committee or a pack of snarling Dobermans.

Using a fly-on-the-wall and hidden-camera approach, viewers will be along for the ride as the dates unfold.

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At this moment, Ellen had a hilarious response, which was raising the roof. “But, I might make an exception to the rule for him,” Nicki concluded.

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De Generes has lost track of exactly how many homes she has owned but says the Beverly Hills compound is the seventh she and De Rossi have shared.

That would be one for every year they’ve been together.

Built by the renowned architects Buff & Hensman for actor Laurence Harvey, the single-story residence has been inhabited over the years by actor Joan Collins and, most recently, cocreator Max Mutchnick.