We're really pleased to be working with The Sun and Dear Deidre in order to reach people living with and affected by cancer.

This partnership allows us to explain our service and offer support to people who need it so they know Macmillan is here and they don't have to face cancer alone.

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When it turned 20 in 2012, Sun columnists Jeremy Clarkson, Jane Moore, Ally Ross, Katie Price and Lorraine Kelly appeared in a story about how Jezzas’s passion for stamp collecting ruined his love life.

At our latest photoshoot, X Factor veteran Rylan said: “You know you’ve made it when you’re lying on the bed with a half-naked woman in Deidre’s Photo Casebook.” I DO my best, but strictly speaking, Daisy never was going to be your cup of tea.

It’s good to have different interests, as it helps a relationship to breathe, but if it’s just about having a trophy date then chances are it won’t last long.

As well as asking what you see in someone so much older, ask what that person sees in you.

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Age isn’t always an issue in relationships, and many couples span the generations without any significant problems.

But there’s no denying that it is a factor when you’re younger. Because you’re less experienced at dating by default, and the strong emotions that go with it can be hard to handle.

At the end of the day, you have to ask whether you might be better off learning from your mistakes with someone closer to your age.

Here is the language handout and the situations for advice: Agony Aunt Agony Aunt Language Start by trying to elicit what an agony aunt is.

You could show the this link to the Sun’s Dear Deidre column (be warn it has some partial nudity) Ask students if they have similar columns/websites in their country.

I think you’re making a mountain out of a molehill.