As with any different language, it takes a little patience. At least a deaf woman could write me a little message like “You’re cute, what’s your name?

” (or something a little more subtle) and start something that way.

Your date will be impressed that you are willing to learn to communicate with them in their own language.

Its hard to meet men who aren’t scared of deaf people; the ones I meet seem not willing to try to be patient or to know me better.

They never find out I’m a lot of fun like other people in general; and I like the outdoors, riding bikes, and camping.

Although it’s wrong to dislike someone just because of a difference, it’s human nature. Romance about returning to the dating pool: I want to tell you a short story about myself. It’s hard for me to fit in, because this society doesn’t understand about us very well.

I was married to hearing man for 13 years and we’ve been divorced for 10 years .

Non-essential calls can wait.) *If you take this date to a party, introduce your date and let them know that she or he is deaf.

Sometimes, people knew some sign language — you never know.

Will a shared love of fuzzy bunny slippers be enough to make their love last?

Watch as two awkward lonely people discover that love is blind...

They need to get better educated about us and to understand us better. I love your dating tips for deaf people, and I’m going to post them on my blog.

To meet a hearing man who understands deaf people, why not go to classes in American Sign for the hearing?

We the deaf people who love hearing people and want to prove them that we can be like they are and enjoy dating.