A spiked version of a traditional hot cider – great for Thanksgiving.


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His son comes into the room, and the man says “I suppose Mum is royally pissed, but what’s all this?

You puked like a rookie, fell down the stairs twice, broke her antique end table, shoved her, and threw up on the floor on the way out of the shower.” Man says “So WHY is Mum thrilled??

Man goes out drinking at a bar and he gets so shitfaced that his wife has to go pick him up.

Otherwise you're gonna think it involves an orgy and for better or worse, it never does.

I promise you we'll never be one of those couples who needs to go on Groupon searching for "fun couples night." 8.

You have been replaced by eight parties this week, and one of them requires a ferry and a sailboat to get to. Are you good at holding back hair while someone is vomiting? I'm not going to magically change any time soon just because you don't understand why The Woods is so great (Do you not have eyes?

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