He thinks his luck has changed when businessman Jonathan Clayton comes to the island.

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Watch Now To cheer up Helen, Joe restores her old cello.

While Helen is busy rediscovering her old passion, Joe and Brian discover the ages old treasure hunt they undertook when their father died isn't over yet.

Meanwhile, Brian passes on his cold to Casey before her big date.

Watch Now When Fay goes on vacation,the Hackett's hire a beautiful woman to fill in at the counter.

Meanwhile, Brian gets close to Roy to get closer to his niece.

Watch Now Another odd christmas falls on Nantucket,as Antonio drives a nun around in search of a vision she saw in a dream.

Watch Now Kicked out by Joe and Helen, Brian and Casey move into a new home home with Antonio.

Meanwhile, Joe and Helen's fling with nudism has them being threatened with blackmail, when the neighbor kids snap pictures of them.

Further complications ensue when Casey takes a shine to young shine.

Meanwhile, Joe and Roy go to the circus: Joe to try and deal with his childhood trauma and Roy to demand an apology from the clown who humilated him in his act.

Something that drives Joe crazy, trying to get everyone to see there is no ""Big Idea"".