This well-intentioned shift in how men showed up with women sexually ended up becoming yet another way for externally-referenced men to shut a woman down.It became a new way for men to relate to women with excessive neediness to gain her approval that seemed endorsed by the powers-that-be of the time.

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She certainly knows the value of what she is bringing to him.

She treats it with a level of reverence beyond his well-intentioned, yet misguided, sexual niceness that is focused on making sure she gets off in one messily clitoral climax.

This was an improvement over just getting on and humping in a disconnected way, but not by much.

This has left us with a currently accepted norm for sex that is really not that much elevated from the act than jerking off while watching porn.

While it’s true a woman does her own choosing as to her involvement with a man, it is still the man that must define her status with him.

Will he be conscious about this, or socially programmed about this?

If you want to get close to a FNG you had best be prepared for and value the raucous journey she offers.

As if an epic journey of self-discovery wasn’t enough to have to embark upon, it is highly recommended by the wise men before you and at the demand of the task ahead, that you dig in and study up for this trip.

She is looking for a commitment to bring a depth of presence (high quality attentiveness/consciousness) to all he does, not bringing her stuff and traditional tokens of commitment.

She desires REAL commitment, and a man that knows what the fuck she means by that, instead of being triggered and frightened off, assuming she wants the traditional crap.

She is not willing to accept tokens as a substitute for your leadership. Your loving leadership is required to be a guidance system for a powerful storm-front of passion to be useful and not destructive.