When you enter on line chat rooms, don't kneel, lower your eyes, or greet ONLY the Dommes in the rooms.

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Ohlala touts that it puts power back into the hands of the escort by allowing them to pick their clients, set their price, and work around their schedule.

Wired reports that Ohlala will not take a fee for facilitating the transaction until it starts to build up its user-base.

Only one profile per person, multiple profiles will result in bans.

**Please note: if you are in breach of the rules you may or may not be given a warning prior to being banned.

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Anyone under the age of 18, SPAM of any kind, Advertising of any kind, Money or financial Domination, Incest, Bestiality (sex with animals), Insults, or flames Libel, Age play, Snuff topics, or those involving death of yourself, or another, Topics intended to inflame, or defame.

Those not doing so will be suspended, this is non revocable.

There are adult themed rooms for almost every imaginable fetish you can think of, however if we do not have the kink or fetish you are looking for, simply create your own room for free.

Also, since my parents were the ones paying I could afford to wear branded clothes and driving a BMW.

However, Lorraine's sister Jacquelyn Baartz hit back against the claims, insisting her younger sibling has done nothing wrong, never slept with Belafonte and loved the singer's children as her own.