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But I just dabbed some on my hair, and I can't believe how nice it is, slightly powdery, clean smelling, softly sweet vanilla floral with a hint of something citrusy.

I think I can smell a bit of something like jasmine too.

In the top notes delicate rose scent is spiced by fresh anis.

Middle notes combine sweetness of orange blossom and exciting ginger, a powerful aphrodisiac.

I often find these scents too strong and even tacky on my skin, as my skin generally is better with fruity gourmands. This may seem unkind but one day I smelled this perfume on a very foul mouthed, aggressive and 'cheap' woman who frequented a bar I used to go to sometimes. My bottle is getting passed on a someone who loves sugary scents. Brought 2 of these bottles of this because it smelled amazing on paper. I got samples of this and had to purchase a large bottle immediately. Warm a little spicy this parfum has so much I love! At the time it felt sexy, sophisticated and intoxicating, but then I suppose it would compared to Tommy Girl, which I had loved prior to that point. A small number of perfumes have done this on me, so it must be something in my chemistry. And I'll say that initially it does smell powder. It was in this new stage that I realized that I've smelled this scent so many times on different people..young and beautiful mothers. And finally, another thing the scent smells like is Juicy Fruit chewing gum. , plum, and pear Classique is a fitting fragrance for a classy lady. I've had this perfume since my military days back in 2007 and the juice inside is still superb. There is fruit here but I wouldn't call it a modern fruity floral. I cannot see myself wearing this often but as a collector with almost 500 bottles, I am glad that I tried and have it among my bottles.

That said, something about this absolutely makes it 100% work. A long-time fave of mine but the last couple of bottles I have purchased are just not the same anymore, something is missing, the heart of this scent the vanilla; anise ginger zing is gone and its just too powdery vanilla for me and has a metallic edge to it I just can't stomach anymore. Many bottles over the years and many good memories. Amber, orange, musk and plum mostly dominate each other, slowly each note goes out to guide, then together they form a masterpiece. This really is one of the longest lasting perfumes i have ever smelt. Happy I found a new fragrance that I can love for a lifetime. Good for woman who is confient and sexy and wears fashionable clothing like Gaultier or any label smells vintage and classic but not old like an old lady. Nonetheless I worked my way through bottle after bottle and always requested it for Christmas and birthdays, dousing myself in it on my way out to house parties and nightclubs. Will come back and edit with my thoughts after a few wears. EDIT: Okay, so I've been wearing this the past few weeks and it is still a love... I don't like smelling of butter, so unfortunately I just can't wear it. One that proudly wears a cherry red lipstick, black liquid eyeliner and black high heeled shoes. I do not have many opportunities to wear her, but when I do, it's with a cherry red lipstick. But I am disappointed for the fact that I reordered some this year and I noticed that the newer bottle doesn't have the same kick as my older one. I must comment on @fufuangeli who states she hates this frag because it reminds her of old people.. I'm so sick of seeing this remark among frangelica comments!

Vanilla and sensual amber gently embrace in the base. The nose behind this fragrance is Jacques Cavallier.

Just came to say that I am IN LOVE (again) with this lovely Cavallier creation.

We marveled at the gorgeous female form and delicate peachy color of the bottle before I opened the box and sprayed on my arm (as did she). (This perfume's sillage to me feels like the equivalent of putting one of those heavily scented garbage bags over your head.) I will give props where they are due though--the longevity is legendary and ridiculously hard to shake. This is one of the only ginger notes I can stand, and that's probably because of how excellently it pairs with Classique's gentle sweet flowers and gummy anise note.

Anyway, I love the dry oil version because it's soft and wonderful to wear to bed or when I'm spending a night in cuddling with my SO, but I'll definitely test the perfume soon.

There are mild spicy/woodsy notes that give it just the right amount of warmth, which blends beautifully with the sweetness of the florals and vanilla. Whilst I still love it, it hasn't born up well with my memory of it. I got this for a very cheap price, under half from it's normal price so I bought it. Looking back I do not regret it doing it because he would always call BUT I WOULD NEVER ANSWER. Perhaps it's a cultural thing in some part of the world?