George Washington began leasing the property in 1754 and although he did not inherit it outright until 1762 , he expanded the house in 1758, raising the roof to make the Mansion two and a half stories high.

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Washington chooses the Neoclassical style, which features delicate plaster and composition ornament.

The focal points of the room are a large tri-partite Venetian window in the north wall, a high curved ceiling and an elaborate marble mantelpiece given to Washington by his English friend, Samuel Vaughan.

Since the piazza roof was built just a year after the New Room addition roof was installed, the preserved shingles are brand new and still have their original red paint!

Augustine Washington moves his family to the Little Hunting Creek Plantation for three years.

The south and north additions to the Mansion were built right up against the outside of the 1758 house.

The 1758 siding was not removed and it is still visible in some of the hard-to-reach crawlspaces of the house.Tree-ring dating of the Mansion has proven that a house built by Augustine in 1734 forms the nucleus of the current house.George Washington begins an expansion of Mount Vernon as part of his climb through Virginia society.George Washington’s father, Augustine Washington, built a modest one and a half story house there in 1734.Washington’s elder half-brother Lawrence lived at the property from 1741 until his death in 1752.You can see the original rusticated siding and its sand paint which has been protected for over 230 years, as well as evidence for second-floor doors that led to porches on top of the one-story “closets” that were removed in the 1770s.