In our case, coming from the west, we had to drive into the base center for 30 minutes and then backtrack another 30 minutes to Pineview, which along with most of the other ponds, is at the base's western entrance.

also seems good on paper, with 37% of surveyed bass exceeding 15" in length.

The Army has forecast excellent fishing in 2005 at Dogwood, and the lake has the added benefit of its situation very near to the Pass and Permit Office. Unless you have an annual pass, you first have to take Highway 144 right into the center of the bas to the Pass and Permit office, where you can purchase your $5 daily decal.

I went there a few weeks ago with Rob Shuman, and apart from the 3 lb 11 oz bass pictured here, we didn't catch much.

Despite the near empty creel, I'm excited about the possibilities of the place.

The Army keeps it limed and fertilized to keep the fish fat. You have to check the website or call the Pass and Permits Office (912-767-5032) to see which lakes are open on which days.

When we went, Metz and Dogwood were closed, so we went to Pineview.

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Here's an astonishing fact: 25% of Georgia's 33 largest bass have been caught at Fort Stewart Military Base.

After a friend told me the military ponds were open to public fishing, I started doing a little research, and discovered how much I'd been missing.

When we first pulled up, my spirits sunk a little, because looks like a big, tough-to-fish, mature (ie no visible cover) lake.