, and Groban says he’s been hyper-focused on the show since. “I’ve never worked harder in my life, and I’ve never seen people work harder in my life,” Groban, 36, tells PEOPLE of the musical, an avant-garde adaptation of Tolstoy’s “It’s a monk life — nothing is more important to you than giving 100 percent onstage every show because there is really nothing less fun than doing a Broadway show and not feeling good; it’s just a nightmare,” Groban says.

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A large subspecies, measuring 40–91 cm in body length, 28–35 cm in tail length, and weighing 3.75–11.5 kg. The pattern on the head, the dorsal band and the transverse stripes and spots on the trunk are distinct and usually vivid. It comes in two colour phases; iron-gray, with black and whitish speckling, and tawny-gray, with less black and more buffy speckling. Smaller than silvestris, measuring 70–75 cm in body length, 26–28 cm in shoulder height, and weighing usually 5.20–6 kg.

Its fur is generally lighter than that of silvestris, and is grayer in shade.

Similar to caucasica, measuring 44–74 cm in body length, 24–36 cm in tail length, and weighing 2.045–6 kg.

However, caudata's head is slighter larger, and its tail is longer. Its dark spots are small and sharp, but well developed throughout its trunk.

When his 10-month run with the company comes to a close in July, he’s says he’ll “take a month off, go to the woods and unplug!

” And there’s something else the star is looking forward to. (No, It’s Not A Dance Move) Having spent nearly 20 years in the spotlight, Groban has enjoyed his fair share of high-profile relationships, with January Jones to, more recently, Kat Dennings (the pair split amicably last summer).

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In subsequent decades, several naturalists and explorers described wildcats from European, African and Asian countries.