Love using words like "fact", "reality" and "truth" as it makes them sound like genius outcasts.Often, liberals will see them as an exaggerated version of their stereotypes of conservatives, and vice versa.Anarchists The word invokes images of groups of bikers with guns and Molotov cocktails spreading terror to the surrounding countryside and militia that do what they please, regardless of the damage that is done in the process, because, after all, Anarchy Is Chaos.

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This too easily leads to making the other guy out to be a Straw Character.

It's gonna be a Long List, because politics is one arena where (in a democratic society, at least) all groups not only have to compete against each other, but have to publicly compare themselves with each other.

It is important to remember that your opinion on how (un)deserving of ridicule or hatred a given political group is has nothing to do with whether it should be listed here; this is merely an index of how the group is treated in popular culture.

(So ideally examples shouldn't be "These guys suck lol" or "We deserve to be on here because we're so persecuted.") This is not That Other Wiki, so we're not concerned with what groups actually believe.

Pol Pot was responsible for the deaths of at least 1.5 million Cambodian citizens, largely in the Cambodian Genocide of 1975-9 which reduced the population of the country by a fifth in an attempt to totally extirpate all non-Communist influences.

The few "Communist" governments which survived the collapse of the Soviet Union now largely exist in name only.It's also not just about groups that are disagreed with or controversial — the group has to be among the Acceptable Targets for mockery and derision.It can be taken as a given that literally any political position is a valid target in media intended solely for people who oppose it (or in political ads intended as an attack); so for sanity's sake, this list should mostly be limited to political targets that are viewed as acceptable in "mixed company" or media with mass-market appeal.Of course, a further unfortunate repercussion of their existence is that even today they continue to generate a rather unfortunate impression of Germany and its citizens.And if you are a fascist, one big drawback is that you'll be forever linked to the German variant; people hardly ever or never speak of the Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Hungarian or Croatian fascists...although, truth be told, some of those groups were just as bad, if not worse.These include the People's Republic of China, which implemented market reforms in the 1980s and exists today as the largest holder of US debt, and North Korea, which replaced Marx-Leninism with Juche and dynastic succession, and remain a thorn at the US's side with its constant threats of nuclear annihilation and hilarious propaganda videos, Vietnam, who despite being it still has for economic reasons good relationships with the USA and trades regularly with them, and Cuba.