Latin Euro dating stats show men and some women preferred large breasted women than any other body type. some extent this phenomenon is due to plastic surgery.then determines the amount of viewership and accordingly places them in the Busty section which is the most looked at and most popular section.

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American women have been going to foreign countries for cheep plastic surgery or Medical Tourism but the survey surprisingly show locals are now using it en mass as well.

This instantly makes them the most popular girls on the site.

In many cases, those females with breast implants are then added to the male's favorite section.

Where on a regular basis a male dating site member, can go to review bountiful gifts that can be available to him if he orders her profile.

These men are fleeing the trend that they find in the USA and Europe where women who have thin waists and no boobs .

Good and cheap breast implants in Latin America has a now made Latin women some of the sexiest on earth.

Breast Augmentation is on the rise every year with more than 300,000 procedures done in 2011.

Breast augmentation (Augmentation mammaplasty) 2011 Projected over 300,000 procedures .

Are you an admirer of large breasted women and busty women?

Would you love nothing more than to date, have a relationship, or maybe even marry one of our big breasted singles?

For the 1st time, a definitive study has shown a direct correlation between breast size and the amount of male interest in a dating site.