Two parents, who are the same race or species, are having a child.Except when the child is born, it is either racially mixed or has some other trait(s) it couldn't have possibly received from its parents.In Final Fantasy Tactics, instead of exploration, there is an emphasis on battle strategy.

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The most well-known subtype of this is a white couple that gives birth to a half-black child.

The title comes from a scene in the movie where the (white) warden of an all-black prison sees his illegitimate grandson for the first time, and is revolted to see that the kid is racially mixed.

This differs from an Autobiographical Role, where the celebrity is playing themselves in the . Compare Celebrity Star, Character as Himself, Special Guest and Adam Westing.

An actor might request the latter if they want it to be clearer that this is a purely fictionalized version of themselves. Not to be confused with For Halloween, I Am Going as Myself.

However, the old wives' tale of a white parent and a light-skinned black parent (possibly passing as white) producing a dark-skinned baby is quite literally one in a million.

Compare Oblivious Adoption, which tends to be more innocent, and Random Species Offspring, which is more fantasy oriented and doesn't involve cheating.If the mother is the main character, expect her to either have been raped, or not know why she had a child that doesn't look like its father.In very old stories, the theory of "maternal impression" may be used to explained it — either seriously, or as a way of bamboozling the putative father.Characters normally gain experience points from battle and grow stronger, and are awarded secondary experience points which can be used to advance in specific character classes.Battles have specific winning conditions, such as defeating all enemies or surviving a certain number of turns, that the player must accomplish before the next map will become available.In Real Life, this can also happen if both parents are of mixed race, then their hidden recessive genes can come out to the point of having a child that appears to be fully of one race Sometimes the infant's parents are of different races, while sometimes both parents are themselves mixed race.