He is rebellious, snarky teenager who skips class and smokes occasionally but deep down, he is a good guy.He meets his match if your candy has a bit of an edge to her, but that doesn't mean he'll be nice to you right off the bat.

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You’re a student at Mali-U University, and the undercover organization WOOHP has recruited you as a student spy. Prove it by becoming the most popular doll in the world!

Through training, you'll perfect your technique in order to accomplish missions and save the world. Buy clothes and customize your character to be the more beautiful girl around.

However the game itself does give her a little character beyond your control. Each boy has a love o'meter (LO'M) that tells you how much they like you. This has an affect on things such as who you can date at the end of an episode, how they react to certain things (such as actions that would warrant jealousy), and even the things they say to you.

At the end of almost every episode you can get a date with the boy with the highest LO'M. You have to say the right thing AND choose the right outfit or else you'll miss your date!

Show off to all your friends and become the days best dressed model.

Enter the design studio and create your own masterpieces of fashion in this great looking game.

Show off your good taste by customizing your personal shop and selling the coolest clothes! Strut your stuff on the catwalk and compete to win! Design a model, pick out the most stylish clothes and build your career in the fashion industry.

Check out different fashion brands, products and personalities and make your name in the industry.

He owns a large Belgian Shepherd dog named Demon and plays electric guitar.

His best friend is Lysander and he can't stand Nathaniel. Well technically you already knew him since he went to the same school as you before. He starts off as a clingy boy madly in love with your candy.

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