To the parish - priest are also reserved the celebration of funerals (except in certain cases specified in the law ), and the imparting of certain blessings, the chief one being blessing of the baptismal font.

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Moreover, according to some canonists, even movable pastors in case of a criminal charge cannot be absolutely removed from their office without a trial (cf. One such measure was the erection of quasi- parishes, districts with defined limits, ordered for the United States in 1868 (Second Plenary Council of Baltimore, n. Another such was the institution of irremovable rectors (pastors with the right of perpetuity of tenure), ordered for England in 1852 (First Provincial Council of Westminster Decr.

xiii), and for the United States in 1886 (Third Plenary Council of Baltimore, n. The power to appoint pastors is ordinarily vested in the bishop. xviii, de Ref) candidates for the office of parish - priest should (a few cases excepted) pass a competitive examination ( concursus ). With regard to the faculties and powers of pastors, those of parish - priests are sufficiently defined by the law, and hence are ordinary, not delegated.

This presumption, however, ceases wherever custom or law provides that at least a certain portion of these offerings should belong to the church.

This is generally the case where churches, not possessing other sources of income, depend entirely on the offerings.

An illustration of such laws is to be found in the eighth decree of the Second Provincial Council of Westminster, approved by Leo XIII in the Constitution "Romanos Pontifices" of 8 May, 1881.

Accordingly, in countries where this is in force, the usual collections taken up in the churches belong to each mission, in addition to the pew-rents, and it is from these revenues that the salaries of pastors and assistants are ordinarily drawn.

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The other rights usually are granted to them by the bishops and are defined in the particular laws ; such is very commonly the case in the United States England, and Scotland, with regard to baptism, holy viaticum, extreme unction, and funerals.

Mention should be made here of the custom which exists in certain dioceses of the United States, whereby the faithful of one district are permitted to receive such sacraments from the pastor of another district if they rent a pew in his church (Second Plenary Council of Baltimore, nn.

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