When Doc Ock went to war with the Owl, Spider-Man and the Black Cat attempted to intervene.Devastated that the confrontation had left the Black Cat near death, a cold-hearted Peter said farewell to his friends before entering what he believed to be his final showdown with Doctor Octopus. Clinic, Spider-Army, Superior Spider-Army, Spiderlings, Avengers, Superior Six, Mighty Avengers As Peter Parker: Formerly Horizon Labs, Parker Industries As Doctor Octopus: formerly Thunderbolts Army; Sinister Six (leader), Masters of Evil V (leader), Legion Accursed; former partner of Green Goblin; frequently headed his own gang of hired thugs. He plotted to kidnap Betty Brant again and make her their hostage.

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After escaping from Spider-Man during a scuffle on a getaway boat meant for Gaxton, Octopus travelled throughout the country, committing some of the most spectacular crimes in an attempt to bring Spider-man to confront him.

Spider-Man foiled the scheme, but could not save Bennett from being shot in front of his sister, Betty Brant.

Doc was taken to the Beyonder's Battleworld, where he fought a group of heroes and plotted against Doctor Doom for leadership of the group of villains.

He was able to defeat the X-Men until Magneto came to their aid.

Holding the medical staff hostage, Otto forced them to gather lab equipment for him to continue his work. After serving time, Doc Ock attempted to raise funds by springing gangster Blackie Gaxton from a Philadelphia prison - assisted by Gaxton's lawyer, Bennett Brant.

Waking in a hospital, Otto knew this new found strength - combined with his awesome intellect - could render him supremely powerful. Doc Ock then took control of a leading nuclear research facility and again squared off with the wall-crawler, who this time defeated him with one punch to the jaw.

The substances left him capable of mentally controlling the arms, but the accident also caused irreversible brain damage - transforming the respected scientist into a megalomaniacal superhuman criminal.

Consumed with guilt, Otto couldn't fully focus during work, and volatile liquids exploded - bombarding the scientist with radiation.

His father would roar at Otto to use violence when dealing with bullies whilst his mother, on the other hand, always put Otto off using violence. Now an adult, Otto Octavius managed to get a job at the U. At work, had fallen in love with a fellow researcher, Mary Anders, but when Otto pronounced his intentions to marry her, his mother was against it, saying nobody was good enough for her son, causing him to break off his engagement.

During his youth, Otto would often receive beatings at home, or school. Otto's hard work paid off when he graduated at the top of his class and became a researcher at the Atomic research a reclusive in school. To help manipulate radioactive substances from a safe distance, Otto constructed a chest harness controlling four mechanical, tentacle-like arms - earning him the nickname Doctor Octopus.

The only substance capable of saving her was the experimental ISO-36.