Japan will also review support for long distance couples, and those undergoing fertility treatment.

However, AKB48 is definitely popular, and there are many young people who put more emphasis on their support over their love life.

But, it's questionable whether an handshake session of an idol group is the cause of young people avoiding romantic attachments." A declining interest in dating, marriage, and childbirth among young people has been a long-time problem for Japan.

Professor Masahiro Yamada, a sociologist at Chuo University in Tokyo, pointed out many young Japanese feel pressure over financial commitments that come with dating, and that the priority is shifting to marrying whoever's convenient.

This also proves that young people with economic barriers are avoiding dating and getting married. It released a white paper on the country's low fertility rate in last May, and found that 37.3 percent are worried about the financial burdens of married life.

The government is reviewing these measures to include in the tax reform 2017 in order to prevent long distance couples from giving up their marriage because of long distance.

Some companies are beginning to pay attention to low birth rates by providing childcare subsidies.The plan was a system where a married worker advises an unmarried worker about marriage preparation.However, many criticized it because it can put much pressure to workers to get married in a workplace where you are disadvantaged if you don't follow the advice of your boss.Of unmarried respondents with any partner, 63.8 percent said they do not want to get married because of economic difficulties, followed by 50.4 percent who feel they like being alone and 48.3 percent who feel they are too busy with work.However, 's broadcast which caused 'female idol' controversy above has gained attention as it focused on the new marriage trend called "kosai zero nichikon": roughly translated as "marrying without dating".The survey conducted to 700 men and women aged 20 to 49 years.