They give a mild euphoria or a feeling of numbness for a few minutes. Craft Beer Pub: A rustic pub serving craft beer and Western food. A modern venue with live music (usually in Vietnamese) and DJs playing commercial EDM and Hip Hop. Some of the best venues are: Sidewalk: Hipster/artsy café with an outdoor garden. Standing Bar: One of the hip bars in Hanoi at the moment. More expensive than average but you get happy hours from 4.30PM to 7.30PM. Check their events on Facebook before heading there: HRC The Historical City Center (excluding Old Quarter) from the northern tip of Hoàn Kiếm Lake until Tran Hung Dao street is filled with upmarket restaurants, lounges, bars, and nightclubs. Tadioto: Just next to Cosa Nostra, it is often considered one of the best bars in Hanoi (it was even featured in Time magazine). The Bank A large, upmarket club with a New York vibe.

I have the impression that they make your hangover worse on the next day though. Dragonfly: Tiny bar with an outdoor and indoor area serving food, shisha, balloons and alcohol. It features random live acts: Hip Hop, Latin, 80s, Reggae... Birdcage: Same owner as above but only opened on Fridays and Saturdays (until 5AM). It is built on two floors with an outdoor area from where you can see the lake. 88 Lounge: A trendy wine lounge, managed (and partly owned? Check their Facebook for wine tasting and live Jazz events. Many are targeting Vietnamese, and more particularly the high-society (Hi-So). It is owned by a prominent Vietnamese-American artist who made it a hub for the chic bohemian crowd. In front of Conifer Hotel, this elegant restaurant/lounge serves some of the best cocktails in the city. Maybe the best pick-up spot to for Vietnamese girls in Hanoi (but beware the prostitutes).

Today, it provides a beautiful and educational window into a country that is most often visited through the Southern, tropical Ho Chi Minh City, once called Saigon.

Many bars seem to have been inspired by a Communist ideology: Identical design, identical product, no name (only a number) and little attention paid to customer service. Mixed crowd: 1st floor with locals, 2nd floor with foreigners. : A great way to explore the Old Quarter is to join the famous Hanoi Street Food Tour (#1 activity on Trip Advisor).

That said, getting drunk on those tiny stools is still a fun local experience. In 3 hours, you'll have a chance to try about a dozen delicious Northern Vietnam dishes. In this neighborhood, trendy and chic venues are spread out, principally on the east side of the Lake.

Living and working in Hanoi since January 2017 -- Having a frugal lifestyle dedicated into my job mission (corporate job) and sports workouts and competitions (swimming / distance running). I am an ordinary man, I am half Japanese and half Caucasian.

I am looking for a woman that is honest, trustworthy, and has grace.

If Buddhists were to build a treehouse, it would likely look a lot like this.

This eleventh century temple was built by the emperor in gratitude for finally being blessed by a son.

You can start your evening at the intersection of Tạ Hiện and Lương Ngọc Quyến streets, also called "Beer Corner".

It reserved for pedestrians and from there you can just walk from one place to the other. Hair Of the Dog, a small club with commercial music opened until around 2AM/3AM.

It is naturally more expensive and the crowd is older.