” This is isn’t an idle question, and I’m not asking to be cruel or to reinforce the idea that you’re going to be Forever Alone.

I’m asking you to contemplate this because of the way that many, fill that hole marked “girlfriend”, everything they’ve longed for will finally be available to them.

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Despite the proliferation of social media, people are lonelier than ever before. We’re pack animals, and not having our crew literally hurts us.

Men in particular lack close friends – not just the people we see every day, but the people we can open up to. People who we can confide in, who have our back when things get bad. When we treat friends and family as being somehow secondary to the people we theoretically can swap spit with, we isolate ourselves even further than we do already.

In the relationship hierarchy chart, romance reigns supreme… Men in particular have a tendency to expect their girlfriends – actual or theoretical – to be all things to them, lover, friend, source of support, validation, motivation and sloppy blowjobs.

And in fairness: those a partner, having close friends is important.

One of the most the most important parts of being happy, especially when you’re single, is to be part of something that’s more than just you.

Just as prioritizing your friendships and family is important to your personal contentment, you want to find a way to connect with that sense of being more than just an individual.

You’ve restored your ability to build a life that’s worth living in and of itself, not because you’re dating someone.

You live for your passions, for the things that speak to your soul. So if you want to be happy, despite not having a girlfriend, start here.

So again, I ask: What will you do, how will you live your life, if you knew that you would have a girlfriend?