Language is regional and dialects play a role in the variety of languages spoken throughout India, with some sources suggesting that there are possibly 1,652 different languages or dialects.These come from four main linguistic families and are centred on different regions.Reply promptly, within a day or two of receiving an invitation, and by the RSVP deadline at the latest, if one is given.

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I assume they're trying to sell me something, stalking me or both.

As always, be mindful of friend-poaching, it's not cool.

Obviously, the rules of the road are going to dictate how you operate your vessel underway in order to prevent collision.

But what if no risk of collision exists, are you then free to do whatever you want when operating in the vicinity of other vessels?

To be successful when dealing with Indian business people, or conducting business in the country itself, it is worth considering this structure and ensuring that you are dealing with the decision makers so as to avoid prolonging the conclusion.

or, “Please reply.” This little code has been around for a long time and it tells you that your host wants to know if you will attend.

Unfortunately, he knew she was going to Facebook (it's a verb now) him and he still had a few days in College Town, USA.

So, he did the prudent thing and changed his status to Single. And because this is neither Vietnam nor the Wild West, we decided to implement some rules of etiquette for Mark Zuckerberg's handiwork.

Facebook, like nuclear technology, is a tool that can be used for good as well as evil.