Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide who is the right fit for you.If you waste so much time trying to explain your choices or appease a certain social expectation of only dating people who share the same age as you, you really aren’t being fair to yourself.I've been dating my boyfriend around three years, and lately I've been wanting to get out there and have a wild hookup. Isn't it interesting that we use the words "hookup" and "fling" when we're fantasizing about stepping out on our own lover and wield words like "affair" and "cheat" when we're talking about somebody else? What seems like easy way out of this — being too nice to him — is actually the hard way, because it will only lead to more trouble when he doesn't get the message. Tell him that you now realize it was an inappropriate mistake and you want your relationship to be professional from now on. You don't owe him a lengthy explanation — you were baring your boobs, not your heart.

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Dating boyfriend for 3 years video

We happened to get along quite well — our lives and mindsets were aligned, we shared a similar sense of humour and social perspective and the natural chemistry that existed between us was undeniable.

For me, dating is about true compatibility from a lifestyle and maturity standpoint.

In my case, I find I more readily connect with older men because we are usually at similar places in our lives (and closer aligned from a maturity standpoint) — but of course, this has never been a steadfast rule, or something I feel I need to explain or justify.

I treat every potential relationship with an open perspective and without a pre-determined script running through my mind that is associated (unfairly) with their age, before I get to know them.

In my opinion, the heart-stopping nature of early love is beautiful, no doubt.

It is one of the most beautiful feelings ever, but you must remember that it's a high that will wear off. You tried to explain to him that he 'is too comfortable' with you? It turns you into an almost deranged love-struck maniac. It keeps you awake, it motivates your decisions, and it makes you act even irrationally.I would feel so guilty, but with him I'm getting so bored. Who doesn't flip through Tinder and think, "Maybe…"? You could tell him you want an open relationship or "a break," but almost every couple that has that chat ends up broken. They're way more likely to pick up on the slightest hint of a flirtation than a polite brush-off. Since he's your superior, I'd recommend doubling up with an email so there's proof that you broke it off, in case he harasses you later. In a way, Snapchat is just an exaggerated digital version of the flirting people do every day. Then he's going to be jealous when you're at work and suspicious when you come home late.Your fantasy fling sounds so fun and simple: just one wild fantasy roll in the hay. So don't half-ass this: Don't cheat on him, and don't pretend that some temporary "open arrangement" might work, because, odds are, it won't. You're right to worry about retaliation from your superior. And remind yourself of this: Just because you sexted him in the past doesn't mean he can punish you in the future. (OK, maybe more NSFW.) There's something unreal about it — something virtual and gamelike and silly since it's on your cell phone, right next to Candy Crush. I'm just saying it's easy to understand how this happened. It's going to be an issue that either breaks you apart or takes time to move beyond.A certain comfort envelops the relationship, providing you with a security that wasn't part of the initial 'love high'.