I wanted to make sure we were on the same page with our mutual understanding that cheating was not for us.

The way he put it, couples in Korea don’t all marry for love like we were about to.

If I’m cooking then he is prepping, slicing and dicing and if he’s cooking, then I am slicing and dicing.

I originally hail from Dayton, Ohio, USA but have called Seoul, Korea my home since 2006.

This site shares the sights, sounds and spaces that I have uncovered here in Korea as well as where my multicultural family travels.

Work hours are long in Korea so, it’s no surprise that if the husband is working he may not be home until 11pm or later and then he is off to work again the next morning.

Expectations of the Korean businessmen include not only finishing work during normal business hours, but also working after business hours and then drinking with your boss until the boss is ready to go home.

I can’t say that this stereotype is completely false, but I don’t think it’s completely by choice either.

If you want to move up in Korea, you have to drink your way there and that means getting in a lot of face time with the upper management or whomever you’re trying to impress, after hours.We wash the dishes together, I scrub while he rinses.On Sundays, we clean the house together; I dust, he runs the vacuum and then I follow behind him with a Swiffer.Well if it ever becomes a reality, make sure you know what’s expected of you if you’re marrying a Korean!(Weirdo : P) Note: This is a list of common expectations for when Koreans marry other Koreans. You’ll Need Mommy and Daddy’s Permission “ So you’ve been dating that Korean for a while now and you’ve even got the whole Korean style proposal thing done. Although getting married is about love, in Korea, many people also see marriage as a union of two families.My husband and all of his Busan friends here in Seoul know how to cook and cook well, thankfully.