I get the conundrum; good boys give you a sense of security and bad boys give good cake by the ocean.

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And so begins the end of your relationship, which I’m pretty sure is the part we actually came for.

The part where you meet the height of a transformation you’ve been looking for all along.

Whatever it is, I’ve often noticed that the biggest risks I watched my bad boy take were often the ones I really wanted to take for myself.

And being in those relationships, and under his tutelage, I discovered how to incorporate those qualities I admired most into my own lifestyle.

Maybe we both loved breakfast burritos or seaweed salads or tacos. I’m grateful for all of my relationships, and I’m glad I had the experiences I did with this type.

They were at turns exciting, hilarious and sometimes devastating — people whom I wish the best and would be happy to run into on the street. Hence the teetering between the two options in my dating life: and why the ones who are so adorable, so lethal and ultimately give the best, borderline psycho-sex of my life, are so impossible for me to resist.Or should I say, it used to be hard to resist them.And in many ways, it’s only helped my relationships with good guys become even stronger.So if the above sounds familiar, maybe it’s time to take a relationship audit.In fact, the whole reason you got into the relationship, aside from pheromones and oxytocin, probably flirted with one of these three common reasons below: You Probably Just Wanted To Learn How Take More Risks Bad boys tend not to be risk averse; time and time again you watch them push the boundaries of what you thought was possible.