Miley recalled: 'He went to move in and was like, "F***.

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Just little in-jokes, complete with @-ing each other.

But until we saw them all Instagram-official like this, we knew that they might have just been friends.

(Yes, men and women can absolutely be friends, folks -- even celebrities) We're glad that they decided to go public so that we can all share in their joy (and appreciate their costumes) Also, clearly these guys are having fun, because they shared one of their whackier photos. we don't think that Wells' Eleven is particularly in-character) For anyone worried about their age differences, remember that Sarah Hyland just looks young. And while plenty of the guys in the franchise tend to be a bit on the older side, Wells Adams isn't too old at 33, right?

That's only a 7 year age difference and they're both adults.

Shippers really thought this couple was going to last forever.

But, Hollywood has proved once again that it can totally come between even the strongest of relationships.

When asked if she ever checks up on Liam when he is on set, she laughed: 'I keep my little spies, so I don’t always have to be there.'Miley began dating Liam when romance blossomed between them on the set of The Last Song back in 2009.

Liam had played Miley's love interest in the film, which was based on the Nicholas Sparks novel of the same name.

Brenda nor Trace or anyone in the Cyrus family, for that matter, has publicly spoken about this yet so details are still vague.

While it's true they haven't been spotted together in awhile, no one thought anything of it.

We guess that this means no more Bachelor shows for Wells Adams, since those shows are usually just for the single folks.