The United Nations children’s agency UNICEF estimates 1.8 million children are trafficked into the sex trade every year - but this does not include cybersex trafficking.The Philippines national police receive well over 2,000 referrals of potential online exploitation of children a month, according to the IJM.

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“It’s particularly brutal because it targets incredibly young boys and girls ...

who are often being exploited for profit by the very people that should protect them - their parents,” said IJM UK’s chief executive David Westlake.

This has created many positive conveniences, but also provides criminals with opportunities to reach new victims.

It is important to protect yourself and your devices from criminals who wish to exploit them.

Its only drawback was that it was a hard act to follow.

Novelists tend to dump all their brilliant ideas into their first book, and the white heat of originality compensates to some extent for any want of craft.

Westlake said perpetrators and viewers are protected by online anonymity and anyone can carry out the crime with just internet access and a webcam or a mobile phone.

“Although it happens over the internet, it’s real abuse happening to real children right now,” he said.

However, technology is constantly evolving and criminals are always finding new ways to manipulate it, so you must always remain vigilant and adopt new safety measures on a regular basis. There are also many other valuable resources offering online safety advice, and we encourage you to use all available information to protect yourself and your activities.