Continuum means you get the best of both worlds, as you can jump between tablet and desktop modes on the fly.

If you're using a keyboard and mouse, you'll be treated to the standard Windows experience.

If you're on a tablet, you'll encounter fullscreen apps and a finger-friendly Start menu.

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There are also two versions of Windows 10 -- Windows 10 Home and Pro -- and the version you get will vary, depending on the version of Windows 7 or 8 you're running now.

Microsoft's Windows 10 Specifications site has the full details, so you can ensure that your PC or tablet makes the transition intact.

Those touch-friendly, full-screen apps that debuted with Windows 8 were alternately known as the "Metro" or "Modern" design. Let's say you're using a convertible 2-in-1 device, like the .

Thanks to Continuum, when the keyboard is docked you'll see the standard desktop with Windows 10's "new" old-school Start menu.

Once you take the device off of the keyboard base, the OS allows you to switch to the finger-friendly tablet mode Windows 8 users are likely familiar with.