The quiet Tel-Aviv suburb was even more lethargic than usual on weekends.

She wanted to do laps, but Dan hadn't clean their swimming pool yet, despite her asking him several times this week.

"Hi," the instructor said to Alice, "you're doing it all wrong, Miss." He wore a black singlet which left nothing to imagination about the nice shape of his pumped up biceps. "You should keep both hands straight -- " Arik was the kind who demonstrated when they talked. " Arik's shade went a few levels towards tomato hue.

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She put on an undershirt bra, went outside and ran seven miles on the treadmill.

She knew what she needed to do in order to appease it but she had as much chance of waking Dan for a Happy Happy as Ahmadinejad had chance of getting a Nobel Peace Prize.

"I'm a thirty seven, thrice divorced, no kids and no property to show for it. Ana woke up at six with a sweaty forehead and a dull ache in her gut.

" The guy had a puzzled look, he was still checking the bushes for a hidden camera. Nine-one-one- d-u-m-b-a-s-s." "Christ, you're mean." Ana said when the guy strolled back to his car mumbling the imaginary number. Dan had built it when they were broke ass students and Ana never had the heart to throw it away. It was late Saturday morning and both kids slept at her parent's house.

It was an old relic built of odd pieces stolen from a construction site and stood at a contrast to their designer decorated bedroom.

She arched her back causing their bedroom bed to groan like a rheumatic ninety years old.

The female would stroll around the bright green canopy and check the condition of what she probably thought was her own private nuts pantry.

Her only company during the jog was the pair of Rose-ringed Parakeets that nested in Ana and Dan's backyard Pecan.

They're old and they smell and if you need to take a shower later, well, Yuk." "Wait, wait. Anyways we somehow got to my building with our clothes still on. Samuel parking space, because nothing turns me on better than being mean to the grumpy witch. She closed her eyes and tried to hold it all together. She bit her lip hard, allowing only a tiny whimper escape. Ana stared at her cross eyed and short of breath for a few seconds before she managed a semi coherent answer. " "Hot beef injection stories." "You're the free spirited Samantha Jones type.

Around her the soft swish of the gym treadmills and the grunts of the weight lifters served as background soundtrack to her day dreaming. With Andy and Steve it was a competition." "Like a race? Men with egos the size of trucks." Alice shook her head. They just had to prove to each other that they're better lovers." "Wow." "It wasn't up on the table, but it was obvious both did their utmost to hear me moan louder and more often." "Who won? Steve was more experienced but Andy compensated with enthusiasm. Andy would kiss my neck then Steve would cover my back with amazing love bites. Synergy, Ana, pure synergy, we were three bodies as one." "Didn't know you're into eastern bullshit." "No. "Let's go take a hot sauna and a cold shower." "Oh, come on, you cross eyed cow." Ana used one of her sister more annoying nicknames from their childhood. "I mean, I've been telling you mine for so many years. " "He's just tired." "A sane woman would hire a PI to check if he's screwing his secretary. I'm just glad I earn enough to keep us afloat." "How motherly Theresa of you." "You know what." Ana jumped off the bike. I'm going to hit the showers." Alice shook her head. Levi and stop butting your nose into other people business. I could see you straining your donkey ears through that ugly wig you're wearing. I would have butchered the hairdresser if I were you." Alice lowered her voice. She kept hugging her sister and stroking her hair until the sobs turned into dry hiccups.

"Tell me you didn't." "Ok, I didn't." Alice's face was a raccoon mask of smugness. Well, the image alone made her feel itchy on the spinning bike. The poor sod was eager as a starved dog from all the action he was missing in the back sit." Ana felt the heat going up her breasts and a familiar wetness forming down below, where her crotch was mashed against the hard seat. "Go on." "I tell you sis, a threesome is something else. With one guy it's usually, I'll scratch yours you'll blow mine sort of thing. Steve would lick my ear and Andy went and licked the soles of my feet. Andy sure has a giraffe tongue, he reached some places I didn't know I had." "Sis, you're wicked." "I have all the fun you mean. "I would say something but I'm speechless." "Ok." Alice dropped the dumbbells and started stretching. I was as close to heaven as I'll ever be, considering where I'm going once I kick the bucket -- which I hope would happen during a threesome, by the way. "I think it's time for a little change of roles, sis." Alice said. Dan is too tired during the week so we have an unwritten agreement that sex is scheduled on weekends." "Tired of what exactly?