If you’re having a hard time understanding the texts your crush sends you, don’t worry.You don’t need to be a cryptologist to figure out what’s on his mind.Just remember, he might end up saving what you sent him.

Perhaps whatever came up is very personal, and he’s not ready to tell you about it, or it means he let his nerves get the best of him, so he bailed. If he cancels on you last minute, wait and see if he initiates rescheduling another time to hang out. If your crush sends you the wink face, he’s definitely flirting with you.

He wants you know he’s crushing just as hard on you as you are on him.

This text message means he’s horny and wants to see you naked, duh.

If your crush asks for a sexy pic, what he’s really saying is “let’s get it on,” and he wants to see you naked.

If he’s always replying the same thing, this means he’s just replying for the sake of replying, or it means he’s not taking the time to even read the messages you’re sending, or it means he’s an idiot.

If he’s not actually trying to engage in the conversation with you, take the hint.

But when you find yourself starting to constantly analyze every text message from your crush, you will find yourself feeling like a crazy person who’s obsessed with his latest reply.

It’s time to stop feeling crazy, and time to start understanding what those typed out words really mean. Back in the day of phone calls, it was easier to decipher what a guy is saying based on what he says and the way he says it.

You don’t want to end up with a sex tape like Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian, do you?