"It was just the way of life I adopted while I was at uni," he explains.

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"I noticed some of my older brother's friends coming back from uni having put on a lot of weight, and I thought, 'I don't want that to happen to me'.

The gym was only three minutes from our accommodation, so I started going every day.

All this having had dinner as well." A lack of exercise contributed to his weight gain, despite his studying media and sport. I gave up sport after the first year, and I would lie in bed until midday.

It was probably about six months after I graduated when I started to go running again.

the stereotypical student lifestyle is hardly a template for healthy living.

So it is perhaps unsurprising that the phenomenon known in the US as "Freshman 15" – referring to the 15 pounds freshers supposedly gain in their first year at university – poses as much of a health risk to British students as it does to their American counterparts."It's about not letting anxiety and stress get out of control," she says.For many students struggling to live within a limited budget, a lack of money may be seen as a barrier to leading a healthy lifestyle."Research shows the increased stress and anxiety of studying at university, and the major life changes associated with university, can lead students to use different coping strategies.Food can be seen as a way of coping with stress and other negative emotions." Davis-Mc Cabe says that exam stress, problems within relationships or within families, can all cause unhealthy eating patterns.Planning your meals ahead can help you reduce food waste, and sticking to a list when shopping helps you avoid buying things you don't need. So it's better to cook bigger batches and put the rest in the freezer, or take turns with your housemates when cooking dinner." Cooking larger portions to freeze or share with friends also cuts the time spent in the kitchen, which is useful when essay deadlines loom.