But don’t just tape a bunch of your favorite pictures over your bed – try something a little more creative. This one using prints of your Instagram photos (or any kind of photo) is awesome. Arrange your photos around a bulletin board like a giant, visually pleasing frame. Make some canvas wall art so that your photos aren’t on your actual wall, and you can move them around if you want. Hang your photos in a fun, colorful frame like this. Decorate your room with fairy lights, and hang photos in between the lights. Make a banner with your photos for a cool collage you can hang anywhere. Use your photos as a border around your room, and add fiary lights above them. Here are 15 awesome DIY photo collage ideas for your dorm or bedroom: 1. Between Emily and I, we finally dreamed up this Wall Picture Collage after looking at lots of other people’s photo collages- and I love the way it turned out.

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Putting photos together for birthday or anniversary gifts.

Knowing that it would be hard to print my photos to match the letters exactly, I painted them black to help hide any seams and mismatches.

Once the black paint was dry, then I painted the rest of the wood a pretty emerald-green color.

When I made my DIY Wood Photo Block, I applied mod podge over the top of the image instead of the Polyurethane.

I really like the polyurethane better, as I felt like the mod podge gave it a bluish tint once it dried. Going through all the pictures of us back in the day, just made me reminisce of all the fun times we had, making it a really fun project!There are so many decoration options out there, but my personal favorite is a good photo collage. Add a quote to your wall of photos for the coolest room that is totally Tumblr-worthy. Include posters and pictures of celebrities in your collage. Make a mood board like this that includes more than just your photos. It’s the perfect way to show off your life, whether it’s photos of your friends, your family, or just your favorite hobbies. Photo collages in your dorm room are especially important because they’re full of memories, and you probably miss your friends back home – plus, you want to show all your new college friends what an awesome life you have. The couple welcomed their daughter Kaya in December 2014.Geo Cities was a web-hosting service that made it possible for people to build their own home pages. service shut down in October 2009, there were over 38 million Geo Cities pages.PHOTOS: Hayden's best bikini moments Szohr isn’t the first actress Mc Knight has dated.