Lovato is best friends with fellow Barney & Friends actress Selena Gomez and the pair make You Tube Webcam videos together.

When asked a question of how long the pair have been friends, Demi answered “when I asked her to sit on my jacket and draw with crayons (at the Barney auditions)”.

Cody Linley has shown his support for fellow young star Demi Lovato who is currently going on a rehab for undisclosed "emotional and physical issues." The actor covered Bruno Mars' "Just the Way You Are" and dedicated it to the "Camp Rock" beauty.

"In our journey through life, we have obstacles to overcome.

It is these experiences that shape you to be the person you are. Love, Cody," it was written at the end of the clip. I think it's awesome that she did it despite the press she may get.

“Miley’s success has continued to grow, so I’m proud of her and her work ethic and to have been a part of something that made an impact,” he said.

Linley also spilled a behind-the-scenes moment with MTV, throwing it way back to his kissing scene days with Cyrus.

She is also good friends with the Jonas Brothers, Meaghan Jette Martin, and Alyson Stoner. Just like Jonas Brothers and Selena Gomez, Demi wears a purity ring, only as a necklace.

Lovato plays guitar and piano, and writes her own songs, such as “Stronger”, “Open”, and “Shadow”, which has been featured on As The Bell Rings.She is a singer and songwriter as well as a musician, playing guitar and piano since the age of eleven.Lovato had opened for the Jonas Brothers on their summer 2008 Burning Up Tour.He also give Cyrus' character, Miley Stewart, her first kiss.But hearts broke everywhere when Stewart realized he was cheating on her, and his character left the show.He suffered some health problems and rarely sees Demi.